Wednesday, May 4, 2016

WIP Wednesday

I started a mystery sock that I forgot signing up for.  I've only done the first clue which is about 1/2" of ribbing with a few beads on it.  Not worth posting a picture of it.

I passed the 40% mark on the scarf and it's going better than it was.  The bubbles were a bit more difficult than they should have been.

This is the May knit from stash sock.  We had the choice of knitting toe-up or cuff-down.  I picked toe-up:

I ordered most of the yarn I'll use for Tour de Sock.  I want to support the sponsors and stick with my team's theme (Doctor Who).  It was necessary to buy more!  It may have been dangerous to do this so soon (TdS starts July1).  The sponsors keep coming out with more yarns.  I might have to order another skein from Invictus instead of using one of them in my stash.  It will probably work better with the pattern, she said, trying to justify buying more yarn.

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Paula Morales said...

That scarf is amazing! Is it done with double knitting?