Wednesday, February 24, 2016

WIP Wednesday

I've kept up with the Do You Know the way to Gallifrey? knitalong.  Here's the bulky version:
I started the fingering version over with smaller needles.  It's hard to tell, but it is an improvement.  The blue section is actually done correctly and looks very nice when it is stretched out.

I've been in and out of the frog pond.  When I need a break between screwups, I work on the Ten Stitch blanket.  It's mostly all mindless garter stitch.

Froggish project 1 is the Club Mac socks.  I thought that if I did them just as written and not attempt to make them fit me, it might be more fun.  It was a good idea in theory.  In practice, the yarn I picked did not play well with the pattern.  I will probably try again with different yarn.

Froggish project 2 is the Revenge of the Lawn socks.  It's a pattern with a bunch of sheep on the sock.  The original uses two colors.  I saw another version that uses four colors and of course that was the one I had to try.  I'm on my second try with these.  It might work better if I use only three colors in the pattern section.  Maybe another session with the Ten Stitch will allow it all to become clear.

Here's what other folks have been doing this week.

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Chrisknits b said...

So is Ten Stitch your bartender? Shrink? Confidant? LOL!