Saturday, February 6, 2016

Stash Enhancement Saturday

I joined a Mad Color Monty Python club before going on the yarn diet.  This color is Unladen Swallow.

I did cheat on the pattern buying diet for Do You Know the Way to Gallifrey?.  It's a 18-week knitalong.   You have many choices.  This is from the pattern descrption:
With 18 choice points and 36 unique stitch patterns, there literally are more than a quarter of a million possible different outcomes for finished objects based on stitch-pattern choice alone! (Include variations due to needle size, yarn category, color factors, etc., and the number goes much higher.)
 It's Doctor Who, it is spread out over many weeks, and it has multiple choices.  It has my name written all over it.  (Not literally, but as Eleven says, give me a couple of weeks and a crayon...).  My first choice was the biggest yarn weight, bulky.  I did stay on the yarn diet because I got the yarn on Amazon and I had a lovely gift card.

 Now I have to dig out one of my great big yarn totes and see if my interchangeable needles have the right tips.  It starts in a week.

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