Thursday, January 14, 2016

Finished (almost) Friday

The things are actually finished.  It's Friday that's not quite here.

I went through a phase where everything had to have something odd going on with it.  Mostly it is with the construction but also yarn.  I used a yarn blank to make these.  If you are frightened by non-matching socks, avert your eyes!
I was concerned that knitting from a yarn blank would result in a more textured fabric.  I was right.  It was still fun to do.  I knit part of these while watching a documentary about India and the colors seemed to go with it.

My hat made from some very soft and nice Noro has a lot of interesting angles:
It's a little big, even for me.  I still like it.

The Broken Jack socks by General Hogbuffer were quite challenging.  I'm hoping that the bumpy places will block out.

I'm on a strict no new yarn and no new pattern diet.  That's how I ended up doing these Stitch Surfers:
They were fun to do.  Next time I'll think harder on my color combinations and maybe make narrower changes while surfing.

No WIPs were posted this week because there wasn't much to show.  I'm spinning some yarn.  I also started the Null Hypothesis scarf.  The pattern starts out questioning the sanity of anyone who would make a six foot long double knit scarf in a non-repeating pattern.  I looked on Ravelry and there are more than a few of us crazy people.

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