Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Love Your Library

I've been sick so I'm currently pretty crabby.  I finally developed enough focus to start on this month's LYL socks.  One done.
I'm finally cured of fairy and unicorn barf yarn.  I like the colors in this skein.  The yarn quality is good.  I admire the skill that it took to put down that many different colors and still have them be random.  I'm just over it, okay?

The pattern is fine.  The thing that bugs me a bit, though, is the one-size-fits-all mentality.  If you're going to publish a pattern in a book, there should be more than one size option.  I used it as an opportunity to try out my latest theory on how to make socks to fit me.  The leg has to be much bigger than written and the foot smaller.  I haven't tried this one on yet, so I don't know how the theory worked.  Or didn't.

Time for more asprin and for reading instead of being a big old crab.

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Jayne Marti said...

I love the colour of that yarn. I have read one sock book that explains how to customise and offers three sizes in all the patterns, but do you think I can remember what it is called?! Hope your sock fits as it is gorgeous.