Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Knitted Curtains

I've got this great big 4000 yard cone of yarn. It was supposed to be worsted weight. It isn't. I attempted to use it for an afghan but it didn't work. It has been collecting dust for quite some time. Then I ran across a knitted curtain pattern. I've got one smallish window and two French doors that need new curtains. The pattern calls for sport weight, which is what the great big cone actually is. It sounded like a good match. I made a swatch and based the number of stitches on the swatch. Ooops, it was too long. I tried again and it worked out pretty well:
I've started in on the ones for the doors. I hope I've got a better guess on the number of stitches this time. At least I know there should be plenty of yarn.

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