Wednesday, May 7, 2014


We lost cousin Patty on Saturday. I'm not strong enough right now to drive up to Michigan for the funeral. That makes me extra sad. RIP, Pat. You fought the good fight.

Knitting's usually the one thing I can do when things get to this point. It has to be easy things, though. This eliminates the Miss Winkle shawl (I keep getting the loop twists wrong). Also the Name of the Doctor scarf (too much counting). I got to poking around on Ravelry and ended up knitting these Conglomeration socks out of leftovers:

I signed up for two MOCKs (mystery socks). This is the first clue for the first one, Pollen:

I also signed up for this year's Tour de Sock. The supplies list has been released. It has the usual information like: "100 grams fingering weight yarn, about 400 yards, solid or semisolid". The supply list for Sock Beta has that sort of information, plus rubber bands, scissors, tape, glue, clear packing tape or clear contact paper. That should be interesting!


Gracey is not my name.... said...

So sorry for your loss

Paula said...

Thank you. Sorry to hear about the losses that have been in various parts of your life.