Thursday, April 17, 2014

no Finished Objects again this Friday

Why is nothing done?

  • The thing on the bottom is the Ten Stitch Blanket. I'm using up little bits of handspun, mini skeins, and leftovers to make it. It's an ongoing (and going and going) project.
  • Chocolate Moose socks are boring after the heel turn. I knit about an inch of the foot at a time and then have to do something else. At least I'm on the second sock.
  • Miss Moneybags is a cute little coin purse. It's all done except for the hardware on top. I don't have it yet so it's not my fault it isn't done.
  • The band of orange is the start of the Betrayal Mittens. I was just about to start the interesting (pattern) part when I slipped my hand through the cuff. It is way, way, way too big. I dropped my needles and decided to log on here for a break.

Frog the mitten and restart -or- toss everything aside and start a new project? New project, of course! I have been inspired by a bag I saw on Pinterest. The maker had embroidered a bunch of Doctor Who-themed patches and used them to make a tote bag. I'm making a messenger bag from a pattern. The back's going to be a quilt square based on the 10" TARDIS pattern. I haven't quite worked out the front. It'll probably use the bunch of DW fabric I've acquired from Spoonflower. The flap will have my favorite quotes along with some small cross-stitch pieces I've done. I'm thinking about using my sewing machine's built-in alphabets to have it embroider at least some of the quotes.

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