Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Downton fun

I got my Downton Abbey swap today. It was really fun. I got lots of goodies and the person who sent it made it fun with puns and jokes.

The thing on the bottom in the first picture is a tote bag. Mrs. Padmore thinks it should be for carrying shopping in the market. I think it's supposed to be filled with yarn for a new project. The things in the upper right a Downton Abbey bingo cards. I plan to use them when the next season comes around. They're really funny. The red box on the left holds a knitter's chatelaine. Its a thing you pin to yourself or hook on your knitting bag and it has a bunch of tools on it. Mine has stitch markers, a row counter, scissors and a stitch holder.

The other picture has a green shawl and a little cabled bag for keeping one's calling cards in. I may use it for stitch markers. Nobody tell the Dowager Countess or she'll make some crack about uncivilized Americans. There's also a skein of hand-dyed yarn that's the same as the yarn leftover from the cabled bag. Also some pretty rose buttons. I think the yarn and the buttons want to be one thing, but I don't know what it is yet.


Gracey is not my name.... said...

Yeah! I got mine on Thursday and loved it! Especially since my last two swaps were duds...but not happy with package I sent, as my partner never answered the first survey or any of the extra questions..and so I had to try post stalking her..and that didn't even lend itself to much..and etsy list was out of I did a generic package..

Paula said...

Yay for getting a good swap! If everybody would play the same, it should work out okay all the time. But they don't and it doesn't. I got two partners in a row where it was for the person's child in one case and husband in the other. The first I couldn't and wouldn't stalk. The other had a specific list of things she wanted supplied.

I've been watching for your swappee to post. If she didn't answer anything she better praise your package a LOT.