Thursday, March 13, 2014

Good girls get yarn in the mail

I was a good girl today. I went on a major laundromat trip. If I was a really good girl, the house would be clean enough so I could get a repair person in to fix my washer. It's a long boring story why things are not as they should be, but it's likely to change soon.

This is what came in the mail:

It's from Biscotte & Cie, a yarn company in Quebec. I don't remember exactly how I found them. I've been wanting a self-striping yarn in a watermelon colorway for a long time. I even tried to dye some. It came out okay, but more like strawberry than watermelon. Anyway, I that saw Biscotte & Cie had some really great colors in self-striping yarns. I also saw that they had a mystery sock club so I signed up. The club yarn is the blue/green color. It also came with a cute heart shaped tape measure. Look, even the retractor button is a heart!

I've got the first clue. It's mysterious for sure because it's a small number of stitches knit back and forth for the leg.

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