Friday, March 7, 2014

Firefly Friday

There are no finished objects to share today.

I'm working on the February socks from the Op-Art book. The pattern's written in a single color and people have been doing amazing two-color versions. I'm going to continue to knit along but not post pictures of mine.

I'm also working on the double knit sheep pillow. It's going okay, but I'm not happy with the way the stitches look. I've long suspected that I need to learn a different way of purling to better match my knit stitches. I think that's the problem here. It's one of the nine zillion things I'm avoiding doing.

One of my favorite ways of avoiding doing things is to check out recommended patterns on Ravelry. I was sulking about all the baby and children patterns that appear. I have no baby or children projects, so why do I get recommendations to make them? Sulk, sulk, sulk. Scroll, scroll, scroll. Then I happened on this:

Browncoats will no doubt recognize these as a perfect pair of mittens for Wash. They might be a good thing to wear with a Jayne hat, too. The designer also has a pair of mittens for Whovians. One says Wibbly Wobbly and the other says Timey Wimey.

I like the colors in the mittens, but a change might make them work better with the Can't Stop the Signal scarf I mentioned awhile back:

This one might actually motivate me to learn a different purl.

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