Friday, July 19, 2013


I received my first shipment from Yarnbox today:

The yarns are various forms of recycled silk. I like the idea of poor women being able to get a decent wage by producing this yarn. I like the idea of waste not going into landfills because it becomes yarn instead. What I don't like is getting four skeins of yarn and having zero idea of what to do with them.

The information that came with the box indicated that this was a one-off and they'd be going back to whatever the usual box is next time. I'd like to suggest that if they do it again, they give some kind of an idea what to do with it. Most of us can come up with something to do with a skein of more traditional yarn. What do you do with 117 feet (not yards )of silk fabric pieces? Or 32 yards of worsted weight recycled silk yarn?

My expectations were fairly neutral before I got the box. I think I'll give them another month before I cancel my subscription.

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