Friday, April 5, 2013

Pro-Con List

Nope, no finished objects this Friday. I did finish the knitting portion of the East Meets West Satchel. It needs lining and interfacing to be truly finished. This may or may not happen today.

I was in a Gilmore Girls-themed swap recently. This reminded me of Rory Gilmore's decision making process. She often made pro-con lists, despite mocking of this process by her mother and various boyfriends. I shall use this process to decide if I should do another round of a sock club.


  1. I like getting things in the mail.
  2. I enjoy the process of photographing the yarn, entering it into my Ravelry stash, showing if off, etc.
  3. I like trying out new yarns and colors I might not pick.
  4. I like having lots of different yarns at hand. It's almost like having a little yarn shop in my own home.
  5. I like the bonus things that come with some clubs.
  6. I'm using money that I already have and isn't earmarked for anything more significant. If I were to ask Suze Orman if I could afford another club, I think she'd say it was okay.
  1. I may be close to SABLE (stash acquisition beyond life expectancy), at least with regard to sock yarn.
  2. Storing completed socks is close to becoming a problem.
  3. Sometimes I get club yarn in colors I would never pick and never use.
  4. Sometimes I've gotten club yarn in weights I am unlikely to use.
  5. Club extras include things I already have too many of (project bags and stitch markers in particular).
I signed up for another round of Mad Fiber's Geek Tour (Doctor Who) before making this list. I've decided not to feel guilty about it. I'm also in Cookie A's club currently. I'm in one from Space Cadet Creations that starts next month. I'll be signing up for another round of Time Traveler from Sheepy Time Knits.

I'm off to the sewing machine to finish some things. I can multitask: sew and stalk the letter carrier who yarn for me out for delivery. Will I finish any socks before casting on the sweater associated with that yarn? Noooooo, I've still got Startitis!

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Gracey is not my name.... said...

I signed up for Mad Color Dr. Who, too...I'm also in Nerd Girls Random Fandom...and I signed up for the Swedish Friday Yarns Hunger Games club...I might sign up for another I love getting yarn in the mail....