Friday, July 13, 2012

Doctor Who Bag

I saw this the other day on Pinterest. I've had this itch to embroider, so guess what my next project will be? I've got four days between the end of Tour de Fleece and the start of the-games-that-will-occur-in-the-first-city-in-the-UK-that-I-visited-when-I-was-there-in-2001. Vague enough for you legal types? I didn't use the L word or mention the current year. I won't even be denegrating anyone with my embroidery. Okay, maybe Daleks. Oh, that gave me an idea for a new Ravatar. I could print it out on fabric and include it on the bag.

The power went out in the middle of the night yesterday when I was not yet sleepy. It was too dark to do much of anything. I went to bed and instead of counting sheep, thought about different patches to embroider for this bag. I knew I kept those little scraps of Spoonflower Doctor Who fabrics for a reason.

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