Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Mitten Mania

There aren't any Nerd Wars activities next month, so I'm preparing myself for NaKnitMitMo.  It's a month of manic knitting of mittens.  I'm obsessing over this because 1)  planning projects is usually more fun than making them, 2)  Nerd Wars is frustrating me currently and 3)  I needed an excuse to buy a bunch stuff from Knit Picks.

I went through my set of Knit Picks dpns with a needle sizer and was baffled by the results.  There were two size 2.0mm and eight size 2.25.  That's four needles that weren't what they should be.  Four needles makes me think that maybe I've got a project on the 2.0s, but why would I have four extra 2.25s?   It's a mystery.  I ordered a set of 2.0s because I have to have a complete set.  Since I didn't want to order just needles and pay a big shipping fee, I had to buy more yarn.  Then I had to add a sock yarn sampler so I didn't have to pay any shipping.

I've got several SpillyJane patterns queued up plus one of Daniel MacBride's Ukranian Roses patterns.  The SpillyJane patterns involve gnomes, cheezburgers (spelling intentional), and phases of the moon.  No, not all on a single mitten.  There are a whole series of Ukranian designs available, but I managed to only commit myself to one so far.  I want to go cast them all on right now.  Instead, I shall finish a half a sock and dream of January.

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