Thursday, December 29, 2011

Mitten Mania getting more intense

I've got at least a half-dozen pair of mittens queued for mitten knitting month.  That's plenty, even for an obsessed knitter with a good deal of free time.  I keep running across new ones and the queue keeps growing.

The latest was a pair of Paris mittens I spotted on Ravelry.  I've got this obsession with Paris, so anything with that theme is tempting.  These are black on white with a cute picot edge.  There are fleur de lys (don't know enough French to know the correct plural) on the cuff and thumbs.  Both mittens have the Eiffel Tower on them.  One has a stripey palm.  The other has a banner that says Paris that goes across the Eiffel Tower.  The palm of that one has a biplane which is towing the Paris banner.  So clever!  So Parisian! 

Needless to say, they're now #1 on the queue.

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