Friday, November 25, 2011

FO Friday 11/25/11

A hat for The Doctor (Doctor Who):
I thought it matched the current Doctor's outfit. His outfit was auctioned for charity in the past week and raised something like 50,000 pounds. Crazy! Speaking of The Doctor's clothing, I nearly lost my tiny mind when I saw Alton Brown on that Food Network Thanksgiving special last week. He was wearing what looked like a tweed jacket and a bow tie the same color as The Doctor wears. I later saw a Tweet where he said that he was wearing a bow tie so he could look like a time lord. It's fun when fandoms intersect.

I kept knitting those Christmas balls until I ran out of red and white yarn. There is one more pair that needs to be steamed and stuffed.

Work in progress: I'm using my spindle to spin some gray baby alpaca for a Nerd Wars challenge. As a spinning break, I'm working on a garland for an advent ornament thingy. Frankie Brown is a designer I found on Ravelry. She's releasing a tiny ornament pattern every day from December 1-24. The ornaments can be hung from the garland. The pattern for that is already available. Oh, and the patterns are all free.


Gracey is not my name.... said...

Still love those Christmas balls! And yes, I love when nerdoms collide...

Brigit Kok said...

Hi Paula,
Nice to see that you also knit Christmas tree baubles!! Do you know the book of Arne and Carlos; here in the Netherlands that book (originally from Norway) is "hot"??
Bye bye from Brigit.

Paula said...

Hi Brigit, as you can probably tell, those baubles are from the Arne and Carlos book. I like it a lot. It makes me want to visit Norway.