Friday, November 11, 2011

FO Friday 11/11

wtdia by Paula knits
wtdia, a photo by Paula knits on Flickr.
I've got more stuff done than this but no pictures of it. This is the latest from the Wee Tiny sock club. It's a Day of the Dead sock. That's a skeleton head with marigolds in the eye sockets. It's kind of hard to tell.

I'm really tired of the lace scarf I started for my Nerd Wars dissertation. I was telling someone on my team that we were in the same boat. She wanted to work on her challenge (monthly) projects more than working on her dissertation. Someone implied that we were letting the team down by not working on the dissertations. That made me decide to not work on it at ALL unless I felt like it. Which I don't right now. This is a game, not negotiations for world peace.

I get emails from lots of fiber places and am usually able to delete them without indulging myself. There were two recent exceptions. Amy Gaines released a pattern of crocheted Christmas ornaments. There are reindeer and mushrooms and other things you'd find in the forest. I went into the new Michaels that opened near me and bought a bag full of Red Heart. I've been working on these instead of Nerd Wars stuff.

The other indulgence was from Paradise Fibers. They featured a pattern for felted bunny slippers that I had to have. One of my many odd obsessions is with bunny slippers. This may finally get me to tidy the house up enough to get a repair person in. My washer's been broken for ages (required for felting the slippers). I also ordered some yarn and a book for making these Dale of Norway Christmas balls. Do I need these things? Of course not. They are lots more fun than the same 24 row laceweight repeats in that darn scarf.

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