Sunday, April 3, 2011


Your knitting and crochet time.

Most of my fiber crafting time is in front of the tv. I've got a favorite spot on the couch. Getting a seat at that spot usually involves convincing a large gray cat to relocate to the arm of the couch. Once I'm settled, the cat drapes herself over my arm.

The coffee table in front of me has drawers stuffed with tools: Altoid tins full of stitch markers, multiple tape measures, a pincushion left over from my cross-stitch days, scissors, and more. The top of the table is chaos: patterns, my knitting journal, leftovers from previous projects, my Ouch! pincushion, TV guides, and a couple of remotes. I have my mother's knitting basket and it holds needles and UFOs. There's a Frieda Kahlo bag my brother brought me from Mexico. It's full of Knit Picks Palette and partly completed mittens. There's usually a Coke Zero at hand and sometimes some snacks (popcorn or chocolate).

I watch a lot of British tv (Doctor Who, Torchwood, Coronation Street, BBC America offerings). I get DVDs from Netflix. I'll have just about anything on if I'm absorbed in a project.

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