Sunday, January 30, 2011

More than I can chew

I'm overwhelmed with projects that I want to work on. When this happens, my brain seizes up and I end up ignoring everything and hanging out online. (This also happens with housecleaning. You do not want to see what this place looks like right now.) The list looks like this:

  • Mittens: NaKniMitMo is over tomorrow. I have a pair of Camilla mittens started and a pair of Selbu gloves started. Neither will be completed in time. I'd ignore them, except they are both taking up space on dpns that will be needed for other things. There are at least two other pair I want to knit and am trying to forget.
  • Family Jewels mystery sock KAL. I decided to do this before the mittens started calling to me. I have the kit. I won't be knitting along with this one, but am grabbing the pdfs for each clue as they appear.
  • Cookie A KAL. I'm in a forum where there are monthly KALs from her new book. Again, I thought I wanted to do this before the mittens came to call. I might jump in on this in, say, six months.
  • My Self-Inflicted Sock Club. I think I knit a pair in November. This is on hold until I can get my act together.
  • Tea Cosy swap. In a moment on insanity, I signed up for this. I didn't even have a tea pot at the time, that's how crazy I am. It did give me a chance to go buy one. It looks like a little beehive and is very cute. I did make a tea cosy for my partner and can't decide if it is good enough to send. Rework the one I have or make a completely new one?
  • Nerd Wars. It is kind of hard to describe this, since I'm not sure yet how it will work. I'm on Team Tardis. We'll be competing against teams of people in other nerdish areas, making stuff. I'm attempting to do a special three-month-long project called a dissertation in addition to the team projects. The dissertation's nearly ready to post, except that I have to justify it taking three full months. Maybe I should link to this list?

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