Thursday, January 6, 2011


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This is the goodie bag that I got from the Cherry Tree Hill sale. I've bought grab bags from them before, so my expectations for a free bag were not high. I thought I'd end up with a bunch of orange cotton, a hunk of bulky yarn, some novelty yarn, and patterns I won't use. Still, I made sure I got an order in early enough to get some goodies (first 200 orders starting when the New Year began got these).

I was pleasantly surprised. I did end up with patterns I won't use. I did get some novelty yarn called Spangle (white in the picture), but I might actually use it. I did get a cotton/rayon blend (green in the picture), but I think it'll be good for weaving and the color's nice. I did get something partly orange, but it's wool sock yarn. The nicest item was 50 grams of laceweight alpaca in a purple semisolid. Pretty good for free.

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