Thursday, February 26, 2009

Waterlily Socks

I picked a pattern out of the dozens of pdfs in my downloads directory. I didn't remember where or why I'd acquired it. I posted the completed socks on Ravelry and then somebody asked me how to get the pattern. I dug out the pattern, which only had the designer's name. I Googled it. No luck. I Googled the pattern name. I found one other person who'd done the socks and several unrelated patterns with the same name. I tried several other things, eventually heading to Ravelry. I found it. The name on the pattern in the file is the designer's real name. The name on the pattern in Ravelry is the designer's Ravelry name. The only connection I could find was the picture of the sock.

There were at least two of us hunting for this information today. If by chance someone else goes through this:
Waterlily Socks
The pattern appears to only be available via Ravelry. Do a search on verybusymonkey.


verybusymonkey said...

Hi, I'm the designer, and I can help you with the links. I try not to put my full name on the patterns/site any more because of privacy issues. Send me a message back and I will answer any questions and provide links to the pattern.

Paula said...

Sorry! Your name's been removed.