Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Knit one, organize two

I have been knitting, but only this sock in about the past week. I like to watch tv when I knit, and the picture tube in mine gave out. I was able to buy a new flat screen with a slightly smaller screen size than the old one. This means it takes up MUCH less space. Welcome to the 21st century: this thing weighs about 10% of what that picture tube did! Instead of knitting, I was moving electronics around and labeling wires and re-routing wires so they don't show, and dusting in places that hadn't been accessible in a long time.

Then I got started on tidying up the area where I do most of my knitting. I have this coffee table with drawers with all sorts of things flung in them. I emptied them out and put liner paper in them. I glued some pretty paper on a bunch of Altoid tins, filled the tins with stuff, and made labels for the tins. I can actually find stuff now. The knitting book mountain was relocated next to the tv, since there's all this extra space.

I've got to find and/or make a pillow, reorganize more stuff in the tv area, and find something to cover up the area that's exposed behind the teevee. I should be ready for the Intention Yarns Spiritstitching Circle. Well, as ready as I'll ever be. :)

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