Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Goals for 2009

Yesterday I signed up for the Lime&Violet Sock Marathon on Ravelry. It involves calculating one's sock yarn stash and setting a goal. I have approximately 10.5 miles of sock yarn in my stash. If it sounds like a lot, one person posted her over 37 mile stash. In six months, I plan to knit half of it. It's an ambitious goal, but one I think I can do.

Another goal is to do a mini advent calendar. 24 socks divided by 12 months is 2 little socks per month. I should be able to throw those in between marathon socks.

I have two goals between now and when the marathon starts in February. One is to finish half of a sock that got set to one side. The other is to finish the crocheted denim jacket. I should be able to finish them in 3.5 weeks, even if I'm (please, please, please!) working.

As for the Stricken, I may try them again during the marathon. The yarn I used for the second try had too much mohair in it to look good. I expect I'll either buy some yarn especially for these socks or dye some.


Anonymous said...

Do you have a URL for that "Lime&Violet Sock Marathon"?

Paula said...

The post's been edited to add the link. Sorry I didn't include it the first time around.