Sunday, December 16, 2007

Another pair?

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I've been like a horrible bratty kid lately. I don't want to do anything that must be done. I don't want to finish anything that I started. I've got one pair in hibernation, one on the needles, one frogged, and one that will probably be frogged. Do I restart or finish any of them? Ha! I pick up my drop spindle and turn it all into pretty pink yarn. Then I have to see if my spinning attempt has resulted in usable yarn. I cast this on and am creating my own sock pattern. I plan for them to be anklets, mostly because I don't think there's enough yarn for much more leg. The lacy pattern part is from a design book and is called Willow. It's also very similar to the pattern on one of the socks I'm avoiding.

I think I'll get through these before I start any more, but I'm not promising anything. I found a bag of roving and my spindle's calling me to play with it. There's another pattern all printed out right next to the computer. I've got yarn and needles for it. It wouldn't cost a cent and I wouldn't have to leave the house to start it. It's not calling as loudly as the spindle, but I can hear it. :)

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