Sunday, February 16, 2014

Doubleknit Distractions

I'm on a big double knitting kick lately. It started with The Name of the Doctor scarf:
This is not my picture. My scarf is only about halfway up the TARDIS. The picture's from the designer, Frivolite Handcrafts. Between laceweight yarn, my exceptionally slow knitting when doing doubleknit, and laceweight yarn, I don't have an estimate on when it'll be done. This is a recipe for distraction.

I needed something a little easier to work on, so I knit a shawlette for my Downton Abbey swap partner. It was single knit on sport weight and came out fine. I'm not sure she's going to like the color, though. I plan to make a project bag, but the fabric appears to have been snowed in somewhere between here and North Carolina. I should be working on a pair of mitts for her, but I'm not sure about the pattern. I'll think about this before taking more action.

I wanted to work on something that wasn't laceweight and wasn't Downton. I picked up the doubleknit sheep pillow pattern I got from the designer. It is every bit as slow as the Doctor scarf and it's sport weight. I like it, I'll finish it at some point, but it's going s l o w l y. Distraction time again.

Now I've got a bunch of projects and no motivation to work on any of them, so I'm back on the Internet. The yarn I ordered for my Downton partner has arrived and I don't know if she'll like it or not. Do I order more yarn? Can I find another pattern to do for her?

No, what I find is that Frivolite Handcrafts has come up with another doubleknit scarf. Be still my nerdy little Browncoat heart, the pattern makes me do a happy dance. It is inspired by the Fruity Oaty Bar commercial in Serenity. I love the Fruity Oaty Bar commercial. I sing the Fruity Oaty Bar song. I have had yarn inspired by it. I have a Fruity Oaty Bar lunch box. I've toyed with the idea of crocheting the Fruity Oaty Bar girls. I want to drop everything and see if the dyer who did the yarn I had before will dye some for me to do this.

I'll be good instead. I'll make some coffee, dig up the yarn for the mitts pattern I already have, and see if I can actually finish something. Well, maybe I'll look for that Fruity Oaty yarn first. I don't have to buy it right now, do I?

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