Monday, October 11, 2010

A very Whovian birthday

I have been wanting to knit another Doctor Who scarf. Have I written about this before? I can't remember. Sorry. I decided to click over to Knit Picks and get some yarn and do one in about half size. I'm using fingering weight yarn instead of the DK the original uses. I'm using about half as many stitches. I didn't get good matches on all of the colors, but I'm okay with that. I zoomed through nearly a quarter of the scarf yesterday.

The yarn's Knit Picks Palette. It's a teeny bit splitty, which means that the all garter stitch scarf is a little tricky for a speed demon to knit. The yarn was designed specifically for Fair Isle style knitting. It works GREAT for that. I did another Andean Chullo hat with the yarn. It was the best colorwork I've ever done.

I've decided to do a third hat, but this time it'll be a Doctor Who hat. I've got plenty of yarn. The hat kit has a lot left over plus I overestimated what I'd need for my scarf. The current challenge is to graph out the designs. My drawing ability peaked during the Eisenhower administration, so it is a teeny bit difficult.

My other birthday prezzie to me was also from Knit Picks. I bought the Harmony interchangeable circular needle set. I was using a circular with a really bad join recently and decided I'd had enough of that struggle. It'll be great to have a whole set of different sizes and different cable lengths.

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