Wednesday, February 24, 2016

WIP Wednesday

I've kept up with the Do You Know the way to Gallifrey? knitalong.  Here's the bulky version:
I started the fingering version over with smaller needles.  It's hard to tell, but it is an improvement.  The blue section is actually done correctly and looks very nice when it is stretched out.

I've been in and out of the frog pond.  When I need a break between screwups, I work on the Ten Stitch blanket.  It's mostly all mindless garter stitch.

Froggish project 1 is the Club Mac socks.  I thought that if I did them just as written and not attempt to make them fit me, it might be more fun.  It was a good idea in theory.  In practice, the yarn I picked did not play well with the pattern.  I will probably try again with different yarn.

Froggish project 2 is the Revenge of the Lawn socks.  It's a pattern with a bunch of sheep on the sock.  The original uses two colors.  I saw another version that uses four colors and of course that was the one I had to try.  I'm on my second try with these.  It might work better if I use only three colors in the pattern section.  Maybe another session with the Ten Stitch will allow it all to become clear.

Here's what other folks have been doing this week.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

WIP Wednesday

How on earth did it get to be Wednesday already?

This is the ten-stitch blanket:

The self-striping was probably not the best choice for starting with.  If I use any more self-striping, it'll be when the piece is much bigger and the different colors come out in blocks instead of random crazy shapes.

This is the bulky yarn version of the Doctor Who knitalong, clue #1:

I thought I'd try a second version of the knitalong, using the clue that I did not use on the first one.  It did not come out well.  For several reasons, I may or may not continue with it.  If I do continue, this will be frogged and knit over again.

Now it's time to go see what other people have been up to.

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Stash Enhancement Saturday

Oh, balls...of DK for my Moone Boy hat.
The hat is the first thing that I've done in awhile that I've really enjoyed.  The colorwork is coming out great.
Where's me jumpah?

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Work not in progress Wednesday

I'm going through a phase where I don't want to knit any socks.  I frogged the last two pair I started and I don't want to start the new Club Mac pattern I got this week.    It's not the pattern's fault I don't want to knit it right now.  It's a very nice pattern and I will do it eventually.

I haven't been working on the doubleknit scarf, so there's no progress to report.

I had to buy some needle tips for my interchangeable needles.  Size 13 came closest to getting gauge with the bulky yarn for the Doctor Who knitalong.  It starts on Sunday.  The needle tips are allegedly arriving on Saturday.

Since I was already buying something from Knit Picks, I went off my yarn diet by two balls of DK weight.  I'm going to do a Moone Boy hat.  Moone Boy is something that shows up on PBS occasionally and I think BBC America too.  It's about a boy of about 13 who has an imaginary friend.  They both wear this red/white/black Fair Isle hat with a pompom.  Some clever person has created a pattern for it and is offering it for free.

Right now I think I'm going to start a 10-stitch blanket and use up some of my fingering stash that doesn't seem to want to be socks.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Stash Enhancement Saturday

I joined a Mad Color Monty Python club before going on the yarn diet.  This color is Unladen Swallow.

I did cheat on the pattern buying diet for Do You Know the Way to Gallifrey?.  It's a 18-week knitalong.   You have many choices.  This is from the pattern descrption:
With 18 choice points and 36 unique stitch patterns, there literally are more than a quarter of a million possible different outcomes for finished objects based on stitch-pattern choice alone! (Include variations due to needle size, yarn category, color factors, etc., and the number goes much higher.)
 It's Doctor Who, it is spread out over many weeks, and it has multiple choices.  It has my name written all over it.  (Not literally, but as Eleven says, give me a couple of weeks and a crayon...).  My first choice was the biggest yarn weight, bulky.  I did stay on the yarn diet because I got the yarn on Amazon and I had a lovely gift card.

 Now I have to dig out one of my great big yarn totes and see if my interchangeable needles have the right tips.  It starts in a week.

Friday, February 5, 2016

FO Friday

Here's my Turtle yarn.  I haven't done much spinning in the past year.  I don't know if I've improved much, but at least I haven't gotten worse.  :)

This is Curly Willow, one of the Knit From Stash patterns for Feburary.  Blocking will make them much nicer.

We got two this month for some reason.  I got about halfway through the second one and decided that the yarn totally did not work with the pattern.  I have yarn that I think should work but I am not sure where it is.

Here's how others folks are wrapping up their Friday.